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Hailley Fayle


Mari Forbes 

Shannis Gray



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On creation we come from light, pureness, and innocence. We are created with all the spirits of our ancestors that walked before us. We carry the good, we also carry the corrupt evilness that took our innocence and purpose.  It was warped and twisted so deep that it altered the path of our people.

This collection bares the affect of First Nation genocide and the treatment of Missing and Murdered Indigenous women.  My collection tells the story of the power of Mi’gmaq women who represent the dark affects of genocide on who they are and the light that was taken from them.

When the light of innocence is taken away and replaced with the intention to alienate the spirit of a race and if you dared survive, you were deemed as a subhuman race.  Multigenerational trauma has been leading the way for far too many generations.  Our DNA was not erased or removed; we are still here standing strong with the resilience to overcome the genocide of our ancestors.

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