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My collection may seem a bit brutal to some, as it is stained with blood and ink. But there’s always a meaning with every detail of my work. The blood is to honour the ancestors that have suffered blood-shed through colonization. The ink is a literal representation of what was used to shape our lives through the Indian act. Each outfit has its own story to tell, some more traumatic than others, but they need to be heard and seen.

Wela’lin to all the people that helped make this dream come true!!

Emma Hassencahl-Perley
Amanda Myran
Spencer Isaac
Mari Forbes
Kate Clermont

Photographer + Assistant:
Hailley Fayle

Rebecca Dunnett
Ross Campbell
Claudia Gray

Wela’lioq!!! I could never thank you enough for making this happen!!! Gesalul!!!

Ms’t Nog’ma!!!

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